Journal Publications

[2023] Disentangling Demand and Supply Side Determinants of Post-GFC Credit Slowdown: An Indian Perspective  [with Saurabh Ghosh (RBI), Snehal Herwadkar (RBI), and Radheshyam Verma (RBI)], Forthcoming, Indian Economic Review

[2023] In Quest for Policy Silver Bullets towards Triggering a V-Shaped Recovery [with Saurabh Ghosh (RBI) and Soumya Bhadury (RBI)], Forthcoming, Singapore Economic Review

[2022] Impact of Crude Prices Shock on GDP Growth: Using a Linear, Non-Linear, and Extreme Value Approach [with Soumya Bhadury (RBI), Satadru Das (RBI), and Saurabh Ghosh (RBI)], Forthcoming, Indian Growth and Development Review

[2022] Technology shocks, banking sector policy, and the trade-off between firms and households [with Saurabh Ghosh (RBI) and Abhishek Ranjan (RBI)],  Economic Analysis and Policy

[2021] Tax Policy and Food Security: A Dynamic Analysis [with Anuradha Saha (Ashoka University)],  Macroeconomic Dynamics

[2020] Fiscal Austerity Emerging Market Economies [with Chetan Dave (University of Alberta), Chetan Ghate (ISI Delhi), and Suchismita Tarafdar (Shiv Nadar University)] Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics

[2016] Fiscal Policy in an Emerging Market Business Cycle Model [with Chetan Ghate (ISI Delhi) and Suchismita Tarafdar (Shiv Nadar University)] The Journal of Economic Asymmetries

[2016] Factor income taxation, growth, and investment-specific technological change [with Monisankar Bishnu (ISI Delhi) and Chetan Ghate (ISI Delhi)] Economic Modelling

Text Book

[2022] The Mahalanobis Growth Model: A Macrodynamics Approach [with Chetan Ghate (ISI Delhi) and Srishti Grover (ISI Delhi)], Textbook, Springer Singapore [Review of the Book]

Working papers

[2019] Household Finance in Developing Countries [with Subrata Kumar Ritadhi (RBI) and Shekhar Tomar (ISB)]

[2022] Saving Bank from a Black Swan: Options and Bailouts [with Saurabh Ghosh (RBI) and Abhishek Ranjan (RBI)]

[2019] On the properties of the sequence N^k [with Abhishek Ranjan (RBI)]

Policy Work

[2023RBI Report on Currency and Finance 2022-23 [Co-Author: Chapter III: Climate Change and Financial Sector]  

[2022]  RBI Report on Currency and Finance 2021-22 [Co-Author: Chapter V: The Role of Finance in Revitalising Growth]  

[2017] Report of the Household Finance Committee, Reserve Bank of India [as Member: Committee; Member: Research Sub-Committee]  

Other Publications and short research notes

[2024] Estimating the Average Effective Tax Rates in India [with Anuragh Balajee (Kotak) and Siddhartha Nath (RBI)], Forthcoming, Economic and Political Weekly

[2023] COVID Scarring and Sustainable Recovery Challenges: A Production Function Approach [with Debojyoti Mazumder (RBI) and Saurabh Ghosh (RBI)], Economic and Political Weekly

[2020] Recapitalization in an Economy with State-Owned Banks-A DSGE Framework  [with Saurabh Ghosh (RBI) and Sakshi Satija (NIPFP)] Theoretical Economics Letters

[2019] What Drives Automobile Sales? It's not credit:  Mint Street Memo No. 18   [with Saurabh Ghosh (RBI) Abhinav Narayanan (RBI) and Shekhar Tomar (ISB)]  

[2017] Book Review: Managing the Macroeconomy - Monetary and Exchange Rate Issues in India Singapore Economic Review

Work in progress

The Great Indian Savings Puzzle [with Chetan Ghate (ISI Delhi) and Anuradha Saha (Ashoka University)]  - Undergoing major revisions 

Dynamics of Green Swan Events on Households' Income and Consumption: Evidence from India [with Saurabh Ghosh (RBI) and Siddhartha Nath (RBI)]

Covid-19 Induced Lockdown and Economic Activity: Evidence from Zoning Restrictions in India [with Satadru Das (RBI), Abhinav Narayanan (AIIB), and Abhishek Ranjan (RBI)]  - Undergoing major revisions